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A big hallo to you before the summer break (I go on vacation soon) this is another update!

Wave in head´s new single With You is released now.

It´s available via mailorder at
Hot Stuff/spr/ /A DIFFERENT DRUM !!!!

Further news will follow...


Hello out there, here are the newest facts about Wave In Head

As you have probably noticed, the new MCD “With You” is not released yet. Unfortunately it is still in the factory. That’s life. We hope it will be released soon. In fact, the release date can be any day now.
The new Album will be called “You”. So far the release date has not been set. However, it will be this autumn. Michael is close to finishing the work on it.
The gig in L.A. is over, it was a great success. We will cover the gig in the specials section, soon. A big thank you to all fans and friends of Wave In Head. Michael was totally carried away.
Right now Michael is planing some gigs abroad. Further details are not confirmed, yet. Only the gig on 30th November in Berlin is fixed.
Furthermore, Michael is featured on two compilations.
One of them is called “Synthetic Broadway”. American Synthpop bands came together to re-record famous musical themes in their own way. Wave In Head is featured with the song “If You Go Away”. The music was made by Empire State Human, Michael brilliantly lent them his voice. Genial.
The second compilation is called Synthpop Club Anthems. It offers a good view on the label and introduces the complete American Synthpop culture. All songs are potential club and dance-floor hits.

In July follows an interview and an outlook on the new album.

This time the bandportrait features Xotox, hard sounds from Paderborn.


From now you´ll find an MP3 of some Toxic ´N Blue material on the bandpages. Check it out.




here are the latest news about Wave In Head.
First of all, the band portrait section was updated. This time Toxic N Blue are featured.

The release date of Michael’s new maxi single is set on 28th May 2002. It is called “With You”. As it looks like, this single, which precedes the new album, will be a special highlight. That much so far: The guys of Floating Point (who have been an Insider tip for quite a while) contributed a remix, as well as Toxic N Blue from Frankfurt! We are especially anxious to hear the remix by 8IGHT (Ex - No Decay). Well, you can see the potential of “With You” by means of the remixes.

As far as I know the work on the new album is done by 80%, so far the title was not set. The release is planned for August.

Furthermore, the Synthcon is waiting just around the corner. Soon you will find the set list, exclusively here!

Here are the most important compilation and remix contributions by Michael, who seems to be an insider tip by now, again:
- No Comment - Remix Double CD “Best Of 1992-2004”
- Nachtschwärmer 4 (Compilation) - Zeit zu leben
- Neuropa (the genial overachievers from Australia) - “Beyond Here And Now” maxi single
- Remix for Red Flag (at work currently)
- World Of Synthie Pop 4 (Compilation) - Progress

Well, so far the news. Unfortunately there are no further news of live gigs, but since the year is still young, there is still time for the one or the other gig in 2002.

An exclusive interview concerning the new maxi single and the new album will follow soon.

News from 01/26/01