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On the following page I want to introduce new interesting bands, one band each month. Those of you who know a new band and want it to be featured on this page - just email me. This time we feature Empire State Human.


ESH at

Bandporträt empire state human:

Empire State Human - I always thought this was the classical song of Human League. Well, I was wrong. Empire State Human is Synthiepop from Dublin (Irland) and, by the way, it’s bloody good!!!!!
Aidan Casserly, Brian O'Malley, and Laurence Kiernan, are the band that I just have to introduce to you! It’s obvious that I asked them about the connection to the song of the cult band Human League. That’s what the band said about their name: “We originally wanted to call the band 'WASP' after the old analogue synthesizer, but there is already a band called WASP. We love the early Human League, and the song 'EMPIRE STATE HUMAN' seemed to fit the mould we wanted to create with the music 'music that is larger than life, with limitless possibilities'”.
Those of you, who now think that they sound like Human League are mistaken. They are in no way one of the uncountable copies of the original.
In 1999 they started to make music together. Influenced by Raymond Scott, Kraftwerk and the Sparks, the first songs were written. They soon found their typical sound and the song “Nightflight” was at once released on the “A Different Drum” compilation “Shadowdancing II”. The band had their first gigs which were not only impressing by the extravagant light show. The breakthrough in the USA was done. By international contacts and friendship with other bands they try to become successful in other countries, too. And they were successful. Empire State Human have signed a contract with Ninthwave Records and the debut CD “Martian Anthems” was released.
“Pop Robot”, the second CD, will soon be released. Their music might be called Synthiepop, but it’s not the usual one. On the one hand the uncommon vocals are striking, on the other hand the music always sounds fresh and - in comparison to other bands - not the slightest bit depressing.

Pop Robot - ESH at Martian Anthems- ESH at Hand On The Gun - ESH at Terra Incognito > Parts 1-5 - ESH at

By their willingness to experiment with the music, Empire State Human are able to give their songs this unique sound that makes it recognizable. But listen yourself, the mp3 songs are speaking for themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the moment the work at the third CD “Urbanism” is in progress. They already have a good reputation in the USA, now they take the plunge on the European market. Surely they will break through here, too, by remix work for Wave In Head and other bands and by a good and interesting web page (that will follow soon, we hope).
Empire State Human - that means great music and is the proof that synthiepop and synthiepop are not alike!!
I’m already looking forward to a live gig of the band and I hope I don’t have to wait too long for it!!!!!
The CDs might be ordered at Ninthwave Records (look at the Wave In Head link list)and probably at Indietective mailorder, Germany!!!!


If you want to listen to their music - Stardust´s got two mp3s for you:

Film Star

Swinging Pendulums (Remix)


ESH at Aidan Casserly - the voice of ESH Brian O'Malley Laurence Kiernan some stagelights :)


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